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Using Neuroscience to improve performance

Team Thinking Asia Prism Brain Mapping Yangon Myanmar

PRISM is a neuroscience-based development tool that helps identify people's preferred ways of communicating and behaving, to improve self-awareness, build relationships and increase work performance.

It uses an online questionnaire to create a range of comprehensive reports and is available in a number of levels - Foundation, Personal, Professional and even a Team Diagnostic and 360º Feedback option.

Whether you're trying to understand yourself better, want to build a more cohesive team or are looking for ways to help recruit the right people, PRISM has the flexibility to deliver.

Our team of accredited PRISM Practitioners are able to offer 1-to-1 PRISM coaching sessions, group and team workshops and individually tailored sessions for 360º feedback and to assist with your recruitment.

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“We have worked with Team Thinking Asia for over four years, using PRISM as a methodology to build better teams, better understanding between work colleagues and to allow people to identify development areas, as well as their strengths.” 


Brad Jones, CEO

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PRISM can help you with...

Personal Development

PRISM helps people to understand their preferred behaviours, communication style and ways of working. We run 1-to-1 coaching sessions with individuals to increase their awareness of personal strengths, development areas and the potential impact they may have on others.


Team Building 

We help teams to improve relationships and build deeper understanding between individuals, to reduce conflict and improve results. We can also offer the PRISM Team Diagnostic tool, which enables an assessment of team effectiveness in six key result areas that are common to high performance. 

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Enhanced Leadership

To optimise business results, leaders are required to be flexible in their style and adapt to different people and situations. We can help develop a deeper understanding of personal behaviours, motivations and individual beliefs, enabling more responsive, adaptable and innovative​ leadership.



We can help you to find the right people for your business, with not only the necessary skills, but more importantly, the desired behaviours. PRISM Talent Finder is an easy-to-use online assessment tool that can be used to analyse potential candidates against your own tailored-made behavioural job benchmark and in-house competences.


Sales & Service

Our engaging PRISM workshops help your customer facing team members to recognise their own style, the style of their customers and the potential impact that they may have, so they can learn to adjust their approach to improve communication and increase customer satisfaction.


360º Feedback

If you're looking for a user-friendly system that allows feedback to be gained with minimal effort, we can help. PRISM 360 can be customised according to your own requirements and enables up to 26 observers' responses to be recorded. It also allows your own, in-house competencies to be uploaded onto the system.

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The PRISM Map and Report

After completion of the online questionnaire, users receive their PRISM profile, either as a PDF or via PRISM iMap, an interactive digital platform that can be accessed on any device.


The profile contains their map, which is the heart of the tool. This highlights their behaviour, based upon eight key characteristics.


The Foundation level map show how they naturally prefer to behave most of the time, whilst the Personal and Professional level maps also have the capability to show how behaviour is adapted to meet the demands of a job, which is a useful tool for exploring stretch and stress in the workplace.


A range of reports are also included, from a comprehensive personalised narrative to work preferences, work aptitude and a career development analysis.


The Professional level profile goes further, adding information on emotional intelligence, mental toughness and Big Five report, a summary of the ‘Big Five’ personality traits, one of the most widely accepted and used models of personality.


PRISM is available in 3 levels - Foundation, Personal and Professional


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Observed behaviours

PRISM does not label people or fit them into ‘boxes’. It doesn't have ‘scores’, or right or wrong answers.


The complexity of the brain has shown that humans cannot be divided up into a fixed number of types. Instead, PRISM provides a powerful, graphical explanation of preferred behaviours and a reason why we approach situations and individuals in different ways.


PRISM is based upon a person's perception. If the way they see things changes, their behaviour will also change. It was traditionally believed that once the brain’s physical connections were completed during childhood, the brain became hardwired and remained like that for life.


Now, thanks to the latest brain imaging technology, we know that all our experiences, thoughts, actions and emotions constantly change the makeup of our brain and also our behaviour. This process is known as neuroplasticity.


This explains why you may behave differently from one situation to another and that over time your behaviour can change, as you gain more experience.

Team Thinking Asia Prism Brain Mapping Yangon Myanmar
Team Thinking Asia Jeffery Schwartz Prism Brain Mapping Yangon Myanmar

PRISM provides the insight for people to make better choices about what is going on in the present moment. It also helps them to reframe what is going on and to refocus their attention to achieve better outcomes. PRISM interfaces well with mindfulness. We know that mindful awareness changes the brain. 


Professor Jeffrey M.Schwartz, M.D.

Jeffrey Schwartz is a Research Psychiatrist at UCLA School of Medicine and a researcher in the field of self-directed neuroplasticity and obsessive-compulsive behaviour.

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