Using Neuroscience to improve performance

PRISM Brain Mapping is a comprehensive neuroscience based development tool that is currently used by some of the world’s leading organisations for their staff development and originates from the UK.


The PRISM questionnaire helps people to develop their self-awareness and identify their preferred ways of communicating and behaving, knowledge that will improve personal relationships and work performance.  


Whether you are looking to understand yourself better, build a stronger teams, increase sales, develop flexible leadership, assist with recruitment or help with 360º feedback, PRISM has the flexibility to deliver. We can design and deliver a tailor made programme to suit your needs.

We have fully trained PRISM Practitioners within our team and we are also the only approved PRISM Distributors in Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore, allowing us to train others in the use of the tool with their teams and customers. 

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“We have worked with Team Thinking Asia for over four years, using PRISM Brain Mapping as a methodology to build better teams, better understanding between work colleagues and to allow people to identify development areas, as well as their strengths.” 


Brad Jones, CEO

Wave Money, Myanmar

PRISM can help you with...

Enhanced Self-awareness

PRISM helps you to understand your preferred behaviours and ways of working and gain a greater awareness of your personal strengths and development areas.


Having a greater understanding of yourself enables you to explore the impact that you are having on others, both positive and negative.

Flexible Communication

Being flexible in the way that you communicate is essential for success.


PRISM helps you to understand your preferred way of communicating and enables you to build improved working relationships, reducing conflict and misunderstandings.

Effective Teamwork

PRISM helps teams to identify behaviours and motivations that will help create a higher performing team culture.


PRISM Team Maps can be produced to explore the diversity within the team, to understand strengths and become aware of potential gaps. 

Increased Sales and Service

PRISM helps people to recognise the behaviour preferences of their customers, allowing them to adjust their style of service and sales as required. This is a method that we call Adaptive Selling. Improve communication, build relationships and increase sales.


The PRISM map and reports

The PRISM map is the heart of the tool. PRISM provides users with a profile or ‘map’ of their behaviour, based upon eight key behaviour characteristics. The maps show how the person naturally prefers to behave most of the time. 


In addition to the behaviour ‘maps’, PRISM can generate a number of different comprehensive personalised reports that identify and measure 26 key aspects of work preference. It can also provide an analysis of a person’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) preferences and a summary of their ‘big five’ personality traits, one of the most widely accepted and used models of personality.


PRISM also has the ability to be used as a 360-degree feedback tool, comparing self-reflection with the perception of others.

Team Thinking Asia Profiling Prism Brain Mapping Map Yangon Myanmar

Observed behaviours

PRISM does not label people or fit them into ‘boxes’, nor does it have ‘scores’, or right or wrong answers.


The complexity of the brain has shown that human beings cannot credibly be divided up into a fixed number of types or groups of people who are unable to act outside of their profiles. Instead, PRISM provides a powerful, graphical explanation of preferred behaviours and a reason why we approach situations and individuals in different ways.


PRISM is based upon a person's perception. If the way they see things changes, their behaviour will also change. It was traditionally believed that once the brain’s physical connections were completed during childhood, the brain became hardwired and remained like that for life. Now, thanks to the latest brain imaging technology, we know that all our experiences, thoughts, actions and emotions constantly change the makeup of our brain and also our behaviour. This process is known as neuroplasticity. This explains why you may behave differently from one situation to another and that over time your behaviour can change, as you gain more experience.

PRISM provides the insight for people to make better choices about what is going on in the present moment. It also helps them to reframe what is going on and to refocus their attention to achieve better outcomes. PRISM interfaces well with mindfulness. We know that mindful awareness changes the brain. 


Professor Jeffrey M.Schwartz, M.D.

Jeffrey Schwartz is a Research Psychiatrist at UCLA School of Medicine and a researcher in the field of self-directed neuroplasticity and obsessive-compulsive behaviour.

Team Thinking Asia Profiling Prism Brain Mapping Map Yangon Myanmar

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