One to one and team coaching

We can work with your executives, senior leaders, top performers and future stars to elevate their performance and realise their potential through a brain-based coaching programme. We also work together with teams to facilitate change and with individuals who are wanting to reach new goals.


Coaching is about creating positive focused change, by improving a person's thinking and behaviour, leading to improved results.

Thinking and Feeling

Coaching helps you to think and feel differently 

Behaviour Change

As a result, you experience new behaviours

Improved Results

It enables you to reach your goals more easily

Our role in this process is to create a safe, supportive environment where you can set goals, be challenged and take action. We help you to think better, not tell you what to do. You're the experts in your business, we are the experts in supporting you to make the positive change.

Coaching has many possible applications. Common areas of focus include:


  • Developing leadership abilities

  • Enhancing your career

  • Exploring career change

  • Improving your thinking

  • Increasing your performance

  • Creating more work / life balance

  • Improving work relationships

  • Making life decisions

“Kudos to Team Thinking Asia for all their help to Yoma Bank over the years. 2013/14 helped us with one of our very first bank-wide team building exercises and most recently with executive coaching for our leadership. Their commitment and understanding of the Myanmar challenge makes the connection quicker and more relevant.” 


Hal Bosher,

Former CEO (2013 - 2019)

Yoma Bank, Myanmar

Brain-based methodology

People learn best when brain-friendly approaches are taken, so we use a coaching methodology based upon the most recent findings from neuroscience. All of our coaches are certified with the NeuroLeadership Institute as Brain-Based coaches.

Neuroscience based - a brain friendly approach to coaching

Process focused - using a clear and well structured process

Outcome driven - focusing upon setting and achieving objectives

“For someone with day-to-day focus on work and team results, these coaching sessions have really been an eye-opening opportunity for me. I felt safe to open up about my personal limiting beliefs and my perceived strengths. The sessions have allowed me to reflect on my actions and figure out ways to leverage my strengths in overcoming my own limiting beliefs. 



Executive Coaching Programme 

Yoma Bank, Myanmar

One to One Coaching - 3 pathways

There are a number of different ways we can work with you, depending on where you are and want to be, and how much time and investment you are ready to commit to.

Each path starts with a complimentary 45 minute introductory 'Chemistry meeting', which is a chance for the coach and coachee to to get to know each other and to understand the coaching process. If there is a good fit to work together, we will discuss what approach would work for you.

A focused one off coaching session to help you explore a specific topic of your choice.

Either a standalone session, or the first step before a longer programme. 

What’s included?

  • Preparation questionnaire

  • 1 x 90 minute session

  • Session summary and actions

A 3 month personalised coaching programme to help you discover ways forward.

We will help you set key goals and strategies to start taking action.


What’s included?

  • Preparation questionnaire

  • 90 minute discovery session to explore goals 

  • 4 x 90 minute coaching sessions

  • Post session actions / reflection

  • Email support in-between coaching conversations for questions

  • 60 minute completion session to reflect and share key insights

A 6 month personalised coaching programme to develop lasting, sustainable change.

We dive more deeply into your future goals, and work together to overcome challenges. 

What’s included?

  • Preparation questionnaire

  • 90 minute discovery session to explore goals 

  • 10 x 90 minute coaching sessions

  • Post session actions / reflection

  • Email support in-between coaching conversations for questions

  • 60 minute completion session to reflect and share key insights

  • 30 minute check in up to 8 weeks after your programme

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between coaching and consulting, training, mentoring or counselling?


Coaching often gets confused with other disciplines, including training, consulting, mentoring and counselling. Although a trained coach may use many of the same skills, it is a very different process.

Coaching is not Consulting. Our coaches don't give advice, unless it is highly appropriate. We prefer to help you make choices rather than telling you what you 'should' do. A consultant does a job for your organisation, whereas our coaches support you to do the job better yourself. 

Coaching is not Training. We have no pre-set curriculum or conversation and we focus upon where the coachee wants to go. You determine the goals, not us. Coaching is a different experience for every person.

Coaching is not Mentoring. Mentoring is often focused upon the development of your career. Although coaching can help you to make choices and set career goals, it is applicable to a far broader area of work and life. Mentoring also requires the giving of advice, which coaching doesn't do. Coaches don't need to know a lot about your job role, in fact it's often better if they don't, so that they have no agenda or fixed perspective.

Coaching is not Counselling. Coaching focuses upon moving forward, where you are now, what your goal is and what action you can take to get there. It is more about 'how' rather than 'why'. 

What does the coach do?

The coach is there to facilitate a structured conversation and to allow a discussion to unfold around a context that the coachee sets. The coach doesn't set the agenda, but helps them to move where they want to go though questioning and goal setting.

Does the coach give advice?

The coaches job is not to give advice. The coachee is the expert in their field and giving them advice would come from the coaches perspective. Rather, we work with our coachees in a structured way, to help them see things from a different perspectives, challenging their thinking and helping them to set goals and take action.

Is the coaching confidential?

Absolutely. Coaching is all about trust. When we coach, we treat the content of our coaching conversations seriously and we follow the guidelines of the ICF. We make sure that all parties involved in the coaching process have a pre-agreed understanding about what level of information is shared.

Why should we use a trained coach?

Using a coach who has been through a recognised training programme ensures that they follow international standards and gives you peace of mind that a thorough training process has been followed. Coaching conversations should be free-flowing and natural, where the coachee feels valued and listened to, with the coach both challenging and inspiring them.


All of our coaches are certified with the NeuroLeadership Institute as Brain-Based coaches, which is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited training programme. We also have a Associate Certified Coach (ICF) on our team. We follow ICF guidelines to ensure that our programmes are run ethically and professionally.

How long does a coaching programme last?

Coaching is all about positive forward thinking, setting goals and implementing actions to see results quickly. We offer 3 pathways - a single focused 'Explore' session, a 3 month Discover programme and a 6 month Develop programme. Individual coaching sessions are 90 minutes in length, usually spaced at two weekly intervals, although this can be flexible depending upon the specific requirements.

Who do you work with?

Coaching is about helping people to think differently. The coachee must want to reach new goals, so we only work with people who want to make a positive change. If their mind doesn’t want to cooperate in the process, coaching won’t work for them. Our coaching programmes always include a 'chemistry meeting' before the programme begins, to ensure that there is good rapport and understanding between the coach and coachee.


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