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Engaging training that delivers

We've created a series of virtual programmes linked with some of our core development areas, giving organisations an opportunity to help team members learn remotely, in an highly engaging, active way.

Our virtual programmes are run with smaller numbers of participants, which creates a high quality learning experience. They feature group discussions and a range of enjoyable, yet challenging interactive activities that bring the learning to life. Designed to develop positive behaviour change which can be transferred to the working environment.

We can also tailor make the programmes to suit your organisational needs.

Many of our face to face learning programmes can also be adapted to be run virtually, so if you've a specific development requirement for your team, get in touch with us and we can explore together in more detail.

I think the course is based on an accelerated learning method, that is helped by lots of engagement with peers

Manager, Ericsson Myanmar – Leadership Masterclass

What makes our virtual programmes different?



 Interactive and engaging, with group breakout rooms, discussions and collaborative activities that create the most effective experience.



We carefully design each programme with brain friendly principles in mind. This helps to make the learning not only 'stick', but means that it's more enjoyable too.



You'll gain support from our expert trainers, who'll share their knowledge throughout. You'll also receive a learning journal to help you reflect and build on your knowledge.  

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Our multi-module programmes feature peer learning sessions, where you'll have opportunities to reflect and discuss with other participants, sharing ideas and gaining more understanding.

Big thanks to the Team Thinking Asia team for the great opportunity to learn, reflect and grow

Country Manager, Pacific Hunt Energy Myanmar – Leadership programme

What we offer

Emerging Leaders Programme

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Suitable for: Future to Mid Level Managers

Learn core skills to help you grow and develop in your career. Discover ways to build teams, motivate others and have key leadership conversations.

  • Eight 3-hour modules

  • Peer learning in between modules

  • Learning journal

  • English / Myanmar language

Team Building

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Suitable for: Teams / Departments


Building relationships and teamwork is crucial for success. This workshop helps teams to understand how to improve performance, solve problems together effectively and build deeper working relationships.

  • One 3-hour module

  • Group collaborative activities

  • English / Myanmar language

Wellbeing & Stress Management


Suitable for: All levels


Your mental & physical wellbeing is a vital component in today's busy, changing workplace.

This programme gives you a range of tools and brain focused solutions to improve your wellbeing and enhance the ability to cope under pressure.

  • One 3-hour module

  • English or Myanmar language

1 to 1 Coaching

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Suitable for: Future Leaders to C-Level Executive


Elevate performance and realise future potential through a brain-based personal coaching programme.

  • Neuroscience based

  • Processed focused & outcome driven

  • Led by our English speaking International Coaching Federation & NeuroLeadership Institute accredited coaches


Building Teams with PRISM

PRISM Foundation Image.png

Suitable for: Teams / Departments

The most effective teams have strong relationships and great understanding between team members. This interactive workshop uses the PRISM tool to help teams become stronger.

  • One 4-hour module

  • PRISM Brain Mapping report per person

  • English / Myanmar language

Communication Skills


Suitable for: All levels

Explore methods to improve your verbal and non-verbal communication and develop your ability to actively listen and ask powerful questions.

  • Three 3-hour modules​

  • Peer learning in between modules

  • Learning journal

  • English / Myanmar language

Brain Based Leadership


Suitable for: Senior Manager / C-Level Executive


Understand key NeuroLeadership principles and apply practical tools and techniques to make better leadership decisions.

  • Eight 2-hour modules

  • Peer learning in between modules

  • Learning journal

  • English language


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