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Building High Performing Teams

From relationship building to behaviour awareness, problem solving to feedback, we can assist your team to become stronger and more effective through our individually designed team building programmes. 

Every team has different needs, values and behaviours, so we design your programme with your organisation in mind. We don't run 'off the shelf' programmes. We also run some fantastic tailor made team retreats, to help your team refresh and reboot.

Although we are based in Yangon, our team can travel to any location in Myanmar and even internationally to deliver your active learning programme.

Active Learning

People learn best when they are engaged, energised and active. Our team building programmes help your team to develop their skills in a supportive, enjoyable environment.


The training activities that we use are a powerful way of learning about behaviours, time management, problem solving and team communication. We can help your team to review their performance, highlighting strengths and development areas and establishing links back to the workplace. 


Our approach encourages participation and is enjoyable and memorable.

Solving Problems Together

High performance teams solve problems effectively.

Our team building programmes encourage people to work together to find solutions; planning, creating and implementing ideas.


We believe that you have to experience a problem to learn how to approach it successfully. You can't effectively learn to solve problems through theory alone, so we mix proven problem solving methodology with carefully selected activities to create a learning experience that is hands-on, practical, effective and fun.

Learning by doing.


Giving Feedback

Strong, successful teams have a feedback culture, so we help team members to become more confident when delivering developmental feedback to their colleagues.


It is a powerful way of motivating and changing behaviour, building trust and understanding.

We can also design and deliver 360º Feedback programmes to assist with your team development at an even deeper level.

Developing Relationships

Knowing yourself and being able to recognise behaviours in others is a great step in building effective working relationships. 

The human brain is hard-wired for social connections and we work more effectively when we feel this connection with others, so it is important to build bonds between team members.


We use a blended methadology, including relationship building activities and the PRISM Brain Mapping tool. This combination helps raise team members understanding of the positive and negative impact that they have on others and learn how to improve communication, reduce conflict and build a happier, more successful team. 


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