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Building confidence

Presenting is an important part of business, whether you are dealing with customers, selling a product, briefing your team or giving a formal presentation. Knowledge of your subject area is important, however you must also know how to plan and deliver your message effectively.

Our presentation skills training programmes will help your team to become more confident with their public speaking skills in a range of environments. We always work in small groups, to ensure that your team have more time to practice and gain feedback on their progress.


You can't effectively learn how to present without presenting!

Learning by doing

We believe that learning to be a confident presenter requires practice. It's not something that you can learn by reading or listening to a lecture.


We therefore include many opportunities for your team to practice presenting, mixing the theory with action.



Developing essential skills

We help to develop the key skills for planning and delivery of engaging, memorable presentations:

  • Exploring innovative techniques for planning content.

  • Developing verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

  • Learning techniques for building confidence.

  • Understanding how to use supporting materials.

  • Practising how to handle questions from the audience.

The only way to grow and develop skills is to gain feedback, so we ensure that participants receive this at regular intervals. We often use video recording, so that strengths and development areas are observed and reflected upon.

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