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Niko Niko calendar

Niko means to 'smile' in Japanese & this great tool originated from Japan.


It's a simple calendar that helps your team to stay connected each day and to share how they are feeling. It's a perfect way to help improve the wellbeing, support and understanding for remote teams or for when you are working through challenging periods.


Simply download the spreadsheet, adapt it with your own team members names and change the current month and days to suit.


Then either:


1) Print it out, stick it up in the office and provide some coloured pens to shade in the boxes


2) Save it as a Google Sheet, share online with the team and ask them to add the colour to the boxes that represents their mood.

The next step is to have regular check-ins and to explore this further. When you have your daily team check-in you might like to invite people to share how they feel.


Labelling emotions has been shown to dampen down the emotional brain & help us to feel calmer. There is a no need to go into detail, just label how you feel & give a simple reason why if you wish to.

Good luck and remember that the wellbeing of your team is crucial for success.

Niko Niko Calandar.png
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