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Developing Agile Leadership

The Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop is an enjoyable and engaging way to discover and practise proactive Agile leadership in today's fast paced work environments.


Over the 2 days, you will learn the latest management and leadership practices and activities that you can put into place immediately with your teams. Management 3.0 provides you with the mindset, tools and techniques to become a better leader and work manager, to inspire your team and organisation to be more innovative and highly productive.


If your goal is to create a happier more agile workplace, where people are more engaged, more creative and take greater responsibility, then this workshop is the beginning of that journey.

“Every moment of a Management 3.0 Workshop from exercises to games to discussions is an opportunity to network with others and to learn and improve your approach to Agile Leadership skills and mindset”

Management 3.0 is for you if you want to:

✓      Become a better leader

✓         Boost productivity

✓         Nurture innovation

✓         Motivate any team

✓         Change the culture

✓         Become more Agile

✓         Increase happiness at work

Images courtesy of Management 3.0

What is Management 3.0?

In 2010, Management 3.0 started first as a best-selling agile management book by leadership guru Jurgen Appelo. Then, in 2016, Jurgen released Managing for Happiness. These two successful, proactive management and effective leadership guides have been turned into the hands-on Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop and an international brand, supporting over 450 worldwide facilitators.


Management 3.0 is about actionable leadership. It’s an ever-changing collection of games, tools, and practices to help employees to manage the organisation. It’s not a framework, but a mindset. It is a way of looking at work systems with a strong focus on people. It follows the systems thinking idea that 95 percent of the performance of an organisation is the result of the whole system, not the individual. Management 3.0 examines how to analyse that system to come up with the right solutions for better and effective leadership across organisations.


Why Management 3.0?

The world of work has changed considerably over the last century. Today, employees have unparalleled access to information and learning, assisted by the digital world and the Internet. Leaders and managers were once expected to be the experts within their teams, with team members following instruction.


Now, the new Agile ways of working expect employees and teams to supersede their managers in technical abilities and work independently with greater autonomy. This process is taking place across all functions and requires leaders and managers who have the abilities to lead in an appropriate way.

Many organisations experience a lack of communication and collaboration among team members, micromanagement and a lack of empowerment, lack of appreciation and recognition, stressful, demanding work environments in a constant state of change and a lack of real leadership. Management 3.0 is about doing the right thing and making a culture change.

Management 1.0

Doing the wrong thing

For many organisations, a common practice is that they are managed like machines. We call this Management 1.0. 


In this style of management, leaders assume that improvement of the whole requires monitoring, repairing, and replacing the parts.


It was engineers who developed scientific management, the command-and-control style of leadership that was quite successful in the 20th century. Engineers developed most management frameworks with upfront design, top-down planning and command-and-control structures and processes.

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Images courtesy of Management 3.0

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Images courtesy of Management 3.0

Management 2.0

Doing the right thing wrong

Fortunately, many managers have realised that the greater challenge is working with people, not with machines.


In a Management 2.0 organisation, everyone recognises that “people are the most valuable assets” and that managers have to become “servant leaders”. But, at the same time, managers prefer to stick to the hierarchy.

Management 3.0

Doing the right thing

Some people think of an organisation as a community or a city. You can do what you want, as long as you allow the community to benefit from your work. We call that Management 3.0. 


In a community or city, everyone is (partly) responsible for contributing to its success and a few are responsible for the whole.


Images courtesy of Management 3.0


Images courtesy of Management 3.0

What's covered in the workshop?

The Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop covers theoretical and practical Agile management, with a strong focus on hands on practices that you can use directly after attending the workshop.


While you will learn and practice many Management 3.0 tools, activities and techniques to take back to the workplace, there will also be many opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction and discussions for additional growth and learning.

Each Foundation Workshop covers six views on organisations plus the basics of Management & Leadership as well as Complexity Thinking.

Contents of the Foundation workshop: 

How to become an Agile Leader

  • Management & Leadership looks at the common challenges of management in transformations around the world, and the necessity of good management in any organisation.


  • Complexity Thinking explains why traditional linear thinking is not appropriate in today’s world and why it should be replaced by thinking in complex adaptive systems.


  • Energise People explores the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, the ten intrinsic desires and ways to increase engagement.


  • Align Constraints revolves around setting goals. You will learn when to manage and when to lead, the criteria to set inspiring goals, and the challenges of growing a company culture.


  • Empower Teams shows how managers can create the conditions for successful, self-organised teams, learning how to create empowerment, effective authorisation and decision-making.


  • Grow Structure helps the manager to develop the best organisational structure to facilitate communication and to find the best mix of teams between specialisation and generalisation.


  • Develop Competence gives ways of improving learning and development in order to grow high performing teams, and ways of giving good feedback to improve as individuals and as teams.


  • Improve Everything gives valuable suggestions on how we can foster continuous improvement and innovation, and ways to decrease the fear of failure and increase the culture of experimentation in the workplace.

The workshop practices are based around the Management 3.0 Agile Leadership Principles

Principle #1    Engaging people and their interactions

Get people involved in the work, get people involved in interacting with each other. Increase interactions between people.

Principle #2    Improving the system

A Management 3.0 practice should improve the system. The system is not just one team, everyone interacting with the team is part of the system. We believe in a win-win. We should try to improve the whole system and not just one part of the system.

Principle #3     Helping to make all clients happy

Clients are not just our external customers, we consider everyone involved in the system a client. Co-workers, other teams, customers, shareholders, etc. We should try to delight all clients, not just the stakeholders or just our co-workers.

Principle #4     Managing the system, not the people

We believe that it is hard to change behaviour of people. However, when you change their environment, people will have to adapt and change their behaviour to fit into the new environment. Also, by changing the environment people can manage themselves. Management is just about nurturing the garden.

Principle #5     Co-creating work

Co-workers create things together and co-creating is also about giving feedback to each other. Co-create behaviour.

Who should attend?

The workshop is aimed at team leaders, middle managers, senior professionals, HR managers and scrum masters who want to learn about how to manage Agile organisations. It’s for people who want to grow a great Agile organisation, have the ability to influence and make changes with their teams and who want to prepare their organisation for the future.


Workshop language: English

Certificate of Attendance

Upon successful completion of this licensed workshop, all participants will be able to receive the official Management 3.0 Certificate of Attendance.


In order to obtain the Management 3.0 Certificate of Attendance, you will need to successfully complete the 2 day course, following which your name will be registered and you will be issued with your PDF certificate. This is not examined and you will automatically be granted certification status once you complete the two days.

Ready to start the journey to Agile Leadership?

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We offer the Management 3.0 Foundation workshop as a public workshop and as an in-house programme, for organisations who wish to develop their staff members internally. 


Contact us to start the journey to creating a happier, more agile workplace.

Workshop dates coming soon!

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