Developing Flexible Leadership

Improving the effectiveness of your leaders and managers is crucial to your business. You need people who can inspire, motivate, support and develop their teams. Technical skills are important, however success requires the development of people skills and a greater level of self-awareness.


Our engaging leadership and management training programmes will help your staff to develop a rounded set of leadership skills and stretch them beyond their current comfort zones, whether in Yangon, wider Myanmar or SE Asia. They will become more self-aware, learn how to communicate effectively, build improved relationships and become more confident in facilitating the growth of others.


“This Management & Leadership skills training not only made us self-aware of our current skills, strength/weakness and what new skills we can implement at work, it gives us the tools to do so. Team Thinking Asia has a large toolbox and deep understanding of how to support the organisation”

May Oo Hlaing

Head of Training

Air KBZ & Myanmar Airways International

Learning to Balance Priorities

Managers need to understand how to balance their work priorities - the team, the task and the individual needs.


We can help your managers to understand the key areas that they should be focusing upon and how this looks 'back in the real world', so that they leave with real take-away actions.

Improving Self Awareness

Effective managers understand the impact that they have on other people. Their behaviour preferences will influence their style of leading, which can have a positive or negative effect on teams members.


We make use of the PRISM Brain Mapping™ tool to help explore behaviours, both the strengths and the development opportunities. PRISM is a powerful way of improving levels of self-awareness and exploring effective communication methods when leading and managing others.


Knowing yourself is the first to step in becoming a better leader.

Communicating with Impact

Leading and managing are about influencing others, sharing messages effectively and guiding team members in the same direction.


Our learning and development programmes help to develop a flexible range of skills to enable your managers to communicate their message more effectively and with a positive impact.

Developing Others

A key role of an effective manager is to build the capacity of others. Our programmes develop a wide range of skills which enable the creation of work environments that motivate and stretch people.

We integrate practical neuroscience to give managers an understanding of how to lead in a brain-friendly way. Linking the science of the brain with day to day leadership.


We help managers to develop their skills in goal setting, giving praise and feedback and to also learn how to have difficult conversations when things don't go as planned.

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