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Build a loyal following

In a competitive business environment, you need to work hard to retain your customers and win new ones.


You may have a sales team who need to win more business, or perhaps a team of customer facing staff who must deliver a premium level of service. Either way, we can help develop a tailor made learning programme to meet your needs.

Having effective staff and a premium level of service can really set you apart from your competitors. In an age of social media, ensuring that you give great service and handle problems quickly is vital to your on-going success.

Our customer service and sales training programmes will give your team the core skills that are needed to deliver a level of service that will keep your customers returning and build a loyal following. We design each element to reflect your own business and include group activities, role plays and active experiences to give opportunities to practice and create memorable learning.

“The team did very well, and my staff appreciated all of the programmes as well as the teaching methods and style. According to the feedback, the programmes delivered true value to their daily job. Thank you."

Cherry Aung, Senior HR Manager

Cycle & Carriage Myanmar

(Mercedes Benz, Mazda, Fuso)

Happy team, happy customers

Our training doesn't just focus upon external customers. We also help your team to understand that giving great service to colleagues is just as important and helps create an enjoyable, positive working environment.


We believe that if your team are happy, with a strong internal service culture, then they will naturally delight your external customers. 

Developing a positive mindset

To deliver a high level of sales and service, you require the right attitude.


We work with your team to help them develop a positive customer focused mindset and to understand the need to develop a 'can-do' approach to all customer interactions.


It's about learning to give full attention to your customers and looking for opportunities to exceed their expectations. 

Smooth journeys

When your customers experience your business, their journey must be smooth from the start to the finish.


We help your team to become more prepared, from the first impressions to in-depth product knowledge.

Our programmes enable your team to explore the touch points on your customer journey and assist in the development of premium service standards for each point of contact.

Building relationships

Knowing your customer is everything and as we know, ever customer is different. 


From their expectations to their varied communication style, it's essential to develop skills to build relationships and understand their needs.


We help your team to develop these important relationship building skills, from core communication to deeper level rapport building techniques.

Handling complaints

When a customer complains, it's how you deal with it that counts. 


We help your team to build their level of confidence in dealing with difficult situations and to develop skills to remain calm and effective.


We love to use role plays based upon real life examples of your business to ensure that the learning sticks and can be taken back into your work environment.   

Maximising sales

Our sales training programmes let your team explore methods to maximise and close sales, from an understanding of product features and benefits, to the practicing of cross-selling, up-selling and closing techniques.

If you are looking for an even deeper level of skill in sales, our Adaptive Selling programme is the answer. Research shows that people like to do business with individuals who are like them. We can help your sales team to learn skills to allow them to sell products and provide services in a way that suits your customers.

We make use of the PRISM Brain Mapping tool to help your team understand their natural behaviour preferences and those of their customer, to build even greater rapport and improve sales results.

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