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Creating a happier workplace

Good people are hard to find, so you need to take the wellbeing of your team seriously.

Staff wellbeing refers to your employees overall health, including mental, physical and emotional. Your organisation should be creating an environment that helps your employees to feel happy and supported, where they can grow and achieve their full potential. When they are happy, they are more motivated and productive at work.

Why is staff wellbeing important?

By investing in wellbeing at your workplace, you will benefit from more productive, committed and loyal staff, with higher employee retention and lower absence rates. 

There is a positive association between wellbeing, job satisfaction and your team members job performance. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Health and Well Being Survey 2019 found that three-quarters of organisations reported benefits from offering health and well-being activity over the last 12 months. These were most noticeably better morale and engagement, a healthier and more inclusive culture and lower absence from sickness. The survey was completed in November 2018 by more than 1,000 People Professionals, covering 3.2 million employees across the United Kingdom.

According to the CIPD survey, stress and mental ill health are some of the top causes of long term absence from work, with stress being more frequently caused by a heavy workload, the style of management and negative working relationships. 

The top causes of long term absence from work

Mental ill health


Musculoskeletal injuries




Acute medical conditions


Other injuries


The top 3 causes of stress related absence

A little stress at work can actually be a good thing. Your body naturally releases the stress hormone Cortisol, to prepare itself to be more focused and ready for action. The problems occur when stress occurs for a long time, as elevated Cortisol can affect your learning and memory, lower your immunity, cause weight gain, increase blood pressure and raise cholesterol.


That's when it causes problems for both the staff member and the organisation.

How we can help your team

We offer programmes that help your team members to explore the factors that affect their wellbeing and work-life balance. We give your staff members practical methods to help with stress management, to increase health and to start creating a positive working environment.


  • Create more work-life balance.

  • Manage your time better.

  • Identify where the pressure points are.

  • Recognise the common symptoms of stress.

  • Explore personal stress levels.

  • Understand how to work in a brain-friendly way.

  • Learn practical methods to reduce stress.

Click the image below for a great Infographic to help you become more productive and calmer!

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